Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions govern the facilitation services provided by EasyHome and are supplementary to our website usage terms. By using EasyHome services, you agree to these conditions. If not in agreement, please discontinue use immediately.

About EasyHome EasyHome ("we", "us") connects customers with service providers through our platform. Contact details for EasyHome are available on our website.

Definitions and Interpretation Terms such as "Customer", "Service Provider", "Facilitation Services", and "Customer Contract" have specific meanings outlined on our website.

Facilitation Services EasyHome operates a platform for connecting customers with service providers. A detailed description of these services is available on our website.

Service Engagement Upon submitting a request, we will provide details of potential service providers. The decision to engage any service provider is at the customer's discretion and responsibility.

Reviews Customers can review service providers. Reviews must be based on genuine experiences and comply with our guidelines.

No Liability EasyHome is not liable for services rendered by service providers and holds no responsibility for third-party content.

Contract Termination You may terminate your contract with EasyHome by ceasing to use our services and closing your account.

Data Protection Our Privacy and Cookie Policies detail how we handle personal information.

Liability EasyHome is not liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred through the use of our platform or service provider engagements.

General We may update these Terms and Conditions, transfer our rights and obligations, and require that any of your rights under these Terms can only be transferred with our consent.

Jurisdiction These Terms are governed by the laws applicable in our operating region, and disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of these laws.

For the full Terms and Conditions, please visit the EasyHome website.